What would it mean to you to have a committed and fulfilling relationship that transforms, heals and enhances your life with untold love and joy?

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What if the journey has just as much to offer as the destination?

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Need better directions?

A roadmap? A seasoned guide?

You’ll know it’s the one when…

When it’s right, it’s easy..

They lived happily ever after…

I’m looking for my soul-mate…

He or She completes me…

If these sign posts just aren’t cutting it     

to help you get where you’re going,     

then the Deliberate Dating program might be     

what you’ve been looking for. 

A Significant Relationship
It is an exclusive, committed, evolving, infinite, living entity co-created between two people.

What is the Deliberate Dating Program?

Deliberate Dating is a dynamic 10-session webinar program. We meet once per week for 60 minutes over 90 days (allowing for major holidays).

Topics we’ll cover, but not limited to:

  • Create an Ideal Partner Blueprint

  • Assessment and Clarification of Personal Values, Interests and Desires

  • Claim and Celebrate Your Own Value and Self-Worth

  • Cultivate the Art of Effective Communication and Productive Conflict

  • Recognize and Rewrite Patterns that No Longer Serve You

  • Practice Integrating New Skills, Tools and Concepts in Real-Time

  • Release Old Blocks and Allow Your Ideal Partner Into Your Life

During a Session:

1. Open with a greeting and a brief check in

2. Cindy shares an educational insight or a teaching 

4. Questions and clarifications

5. Practice and integration of new information in real time

6. Takeaways and action steps

To start your journey with Deliberate Dating,
Schedule a complimentary consultation with Cindy so that she can hear more about your unique dating challenges and aspirations!

Next 90 Day Program Starts April 13, 2019


Deliberate Dating: Create Your Ideal Partner Blueprint



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Meet your guide

Cindy Austin has more than 20 years experience working with all walks of life and all ages and stages of relationships. From dating and just engaged to wanting to make a good marriage even better and also struggling with whether to stay or go, and ultimately, un-coupling with as much grace and dignity as possible.

She has not only walked the walk herself but she has been privileged to walk alongside many of her clients as they have faced their own heartaches and relationship disappointments. She aspires to now empower even more people to begin the process of deliberately and consciously choosing a significant relationship from the start rather than facing the painful consequences at the other end with a divorce or perhaps as roommates tolerating a lukewarm partnership for years and years or at least “until the kids leave home”!

Chemistry is important, but clearly there is so much more to the process!  Let’s begin releasing the mindset of scarcity and fear and practice adopting the mindset of abundance and love–a much more empowered approach to choosing our lifelong partner! Let’s discover how to do this together in a safe and compassionate environment.



“Thanks to the Deliberate Dating course, which is a wonderful course, I have way more intention and awareness now. I thought I knew beforehand how to read signals and cues, but now I am blown away at what I was missing! I am now a champion Deliberate Dater and feel much more confident about how to navigate this dating process and not end up in the same dead ends! 
– Lisa N., 41


“I joined the inaugural Deliberate Dating program back in the fall.  I remember calling Cindy on the phone one afternoon to tell her about what I was experiencing as someone back on the dating scene after an 8 year relationship came to an end. My routine involves work, the gym, and sometimes Target (ha!), so I figured my dating pool was pretty small. As someone that had never used online dating platforms/apps before last June, I was pretty trepidatious about who I would meet while using them. I had told her that in the couple of months I had been on an app, I had gone on a few dates. Surprisingly, they all went pretty well and I met some interesting people. While talking to Cindy, I remember telling her about how I felt like the guys I met were more friends than potential romantic partners. I also worried about the authenticity of people I would meet online. I had questions–“How do I know this person is who they say they are? How do I gauge someone’s interest in me? When something doesn’t feel right, how will I know how to navigate the situation and do what is best for me?” As someone that was in an unhealthy relationship with trust issues, I had a lot of hesitations about new potential partners but also about how I would handle myself in a new relationship. 

The Deliberate Dating program gave me many tools to allow me to show up for myself and to discover what I want from my partner and romantic relationships. Cindy’s program was highly interactive, engaging, intimate, and fun. Every session left me with new aha moments as well as food for thought. Creating an ideal partner blueprint that included what I was willing to receive versus what I never wanted to feel or experience again was a very powerful exercise. We also did a lot of work on ourselves to better understand who we are through a values assessment, the enneagram, and more. I also learned more about how to have meaningful conversations with a partner where both of us are seen and heard. Getting to go through this program with others gave us the opportunity to share, be vulnerable, grow, and practice with one another. I always looked forward to our time together and miss it now that it’s over.” 

Coincidentally, I had just met someone on Bumble after I had signed up for Deliberate Dating. Being able to put into practice what I was learning with Cindy in my new relationship was so powerful. The other girls in the course were in different spots than I was and we all benefitted from the tools we were adding to our “relationship toolbox.” I am so fulfilled with my partner and we have now been together for 8 months. I have been vulnerable with him, open about what I am feeling and needing, able to advocate for myself when needed, and to also be able to allow him the same with me. It is so refreshing to be in an interdependent relationship where we can both be our authentic selves and be present for one another. I cannot suggest this program enough if you are someone that is ready to become more aware and confident in who you are and what you value in a partner.
– Amanda E., 31