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Hit it and Quit it!

Dating in the world of hookups “Hit it and Quit it!” It’s one of the dating cries of Generation Z-- (also known as iGeneration or iGen and Post-Millennials) the people born between 2000 and present. Having gotten this far into this newsletter means you have [...]

Are You Analyzing Me?

I’ve been asked this many times as I’ve been dating. It’s an understandable question once people know that I am a psychotherapist. That is in essence what I do for a living. I analyze people.  I’ve learned to respond with “Yes! And I hope you’re [...]

Bully-Proofing your Child

Bully-Proofing your Child Bully-proofing your child has nothing to do with the bullies. Nothing. No-thing. It’s all about YOUR child. It’s about raising a resilient child. How does one do that in a society riddled with political correctness? In this climate of your words [...]

Fed Up

  Fed Up "Fed Up" the movie http://fedupmovie.com/#/page/home is a game changer. Or at least a pantry changer and for sure a life style changer. Patrick and I saw it this weekend (it's in theaters now) and we had these thoughts in this order: "How interesting!" then [...]

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