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The Dating Rap…

Dating is Broken Dating is brokenAnd I ain’t jokin’ You need more than a pretty profileTo make me smile What’s in your heart and are you smartMatter way more to me before I even start Can you speak the truthCan you own the wrongs of [...]

Powerful Values Activity for Couples (or Individuals)

VALUES ACTIVITY FOR COUPLES A great activity I do with couples when they aren’t in duress but perhaps coming in for a tune-up because stress is throwing them off their game and they aren’t jiving like they know they can is the simple yet [...]


How to Give Our Partner Space when There is NONE! Couples, roommates, colleagues, parents and children, we all have one of only 9 different personalities. 7.7 billion people on the planet and there are just 9 personality types. That’s it.  Actually, there are 27 [...]

Back Home Again

Dear Mom,   Here is a snapshot of just some of the memorable moments and events I appreciate so much sharing with you throughout our time as mother and daughter this Mother’s Day 2018.   I know I share many of these with my 6 [...]

I Miss the Days

The Ugly Truth About Middle School Today I miss the days when everything I said didn’t have to be classified as sexual or inappropriate. I miss the days when I could say, “That was hard!” and not have some ignorant kid yell, “That’s what she [...]

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