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Austin Empowered presents various meetups that cover topics about developing healthy relationships in all walks of life.• Deliberate Dating – Attendees will discover more too…

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“I valued how Cindy was so honest and used “real life” examples of her own failures and triumphs.”

“Not only was her presentation informative, she delivered it in such a way that kept me engaged and at this evening hour, that’s saying a lot!”

“Cindy’s presentation shifted my thinking about the impact of my job as a parent on my children’s life in a profound way.”

“She got us up and moving around and I loved connecting with other parents who are dealing with the same challenges that I am.”

“She is a master at getting the audience involved. My husband even said he’s glad he came!”

“Cindy gave just enough information laced with stories and humor that I could actually retain it, and I am walking out with specific tools to better prepare my kids to address some tough issues.”

“I was scared to even approach this subject with my kids and now after Cindy’s presentation, I know exactly what to say and when! She actually gave us a script to walk out with! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

“I wish I had known this when my children were in elementary school, but it was great to hear that it’s never too late to start this conversation with your children!”

“I have to admit I was one of those parents that thought if we talked about sex too soon, it would give the kids ideas prematurely. After hearing Cindy, I am so glad I was brave enough to come and learn the facts about how important approaching this subject with my kids early on is for a lifetime of relationship health!”

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