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Real Love Group

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Real Love - Greg Baer


What this group is NOT and what it IS:

  • This group is NOT for people who only want to vent or complain about their journey and how much they have been abused, wounded, hurt, or abandoned.
  • This group is NOT for people only looking for an easy way to a more peaceful life.
  • This group is NOT for people only interested in doing life the exact same way they’ve been doing it and hoping it works out differently.

For example, buying a gym membership, showing up to the gym and looking at the weights and even picking a few up on occasion does NOT constitute a health and fitness program.

It’s doing just enough to “say” you did something, thereby giving you one more reason to complain about how “nothing works”, not even this gym! Same thing with this group. Action is ultimately required for change to occur.

  • This group IS for people so desperate for and intent on something different that they are willing to begin to DO something differently.
  • This group IS for people in a lot of pain and suffering to be able to tell the truth about that pain and suffering and then begin to shift what they’ve always done as a response to that pain and suffering to something radically different.
  • This group IS for people coming in as a “hot mess” or just a “warm mess” who want to absorb the real love vibe in the room before they are ready to begin to do something different.

It’s almost like going out in to the blinding sun after a movie with no sunglasses. It does take some adjustment. But ultimately, you will be invited to actively engage, to tell the truth, be seen, be accepted and be loved!

We’ve all been there. We know what it’s like to come to a new group. Terrifying. Nerve wracking. Anxiety provoking. Exciting. Thrilling. One is hopeful and scared all at the same time.

Most of us have been trading imitation love and calling it Real Love our whole lives. With Real Love, nothing else matters; without it, nothing else is enough.

Upcoming Real Love Group Dates & Times

Groups are held on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month from 7-9pm at my home office. (This is subject to change so newcomers please be sure to contact me before attending your first meeting!)

Real Love Group is taking a break over the summer and will start back with a renewed enthusiasm for living transformed lives in September.

As we more clearly define our process and how to best utilize the group, I will offer the group an invitation to a one-day overnight workshop in the fall. I hope to deepen our connection even more and reestablish what each of us desires to gain from attending group and from practicing these principles in our lives.

New to Real Love Group?

Click here to schedule a free in person phone screening before attending the first free Real Love group meeting!


Real Love “University” Group Rates

• 3-month semester membership – $350

• Payment Plan – $150 Sept, $100 Oct, $100 Nov.
Your payment will run on the 1st of the three month semester.
And if you wish to continue for the next semester, your payment will run 30 days prior to the next semester.

Semester Membership Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel, please send a cancellation request by email

30 days prior to the next semester start date to
Semesters are every 3 months. A current credit card must be kept on file.


Real Love Group Guidelines