How Relationships Can Heal, Transform, and Enrich Our Lives Across the Ages




Calvin Keeney and I met playing my favorite sport to play these days–Pickleball! I could go off on a tangent about how much fun this sport is for all ages, but suffice it to say you can meet amazingly interesting individuals on the Pickleball court and Calvin is one of those for sure!


We talked about our creative endeavors off the court and he was interested in having me share some of my thoughts and perspectives about
Deliberate Dating with him and his listeners. I am so passionate about this Dating Evolution movement that I readily agreed!


I’m 52 this June, Calvin is 31 ½  and my daughter, who joined us on a whim, is 14 ½. It was fascinating to see that people already in or interested in romantic relationships at all of these diverse ages have so many of the same questions, fears, hopes and concerns. Relationships and learning how to allow them to heal, transform and enrich our lives is relevant across the ages!


Unbeknownst to me, one of his goals for his podcasts was to have a random person join the conversation unexpectedly, and my 14-year old daughter got home from school right as we were starting and she did just that–she joined the conversation!


She is no ordinary teen if I do say so myself. She came into the world as cool and savvy as she is today. I take very little credit for her magic and wisdom. Most days I just feel lucky to draft behind her amazing self and be able to champion her goals and appreciate her light! Unless she hasn’t eaten or is very tired, then she’s very much like your typical teen.


I hope this conversation emboldens each listener to feel a little more confident about naming what they are looking for and expecting in a fulfilling relationship!