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Sex, Science and Self-Determination Theory in Modern Dating


When I explain to women and men that waiting at least 90-days upon meeting someone new in order to have sex with them is wise, they often laugh, roll their eyes and say something akin to “yeah, I don’t see that happening!” I can feel myself getting placed in either the “she’s a prude” [...]

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How to Give Our Partner Space when There is NONE! Couples, roommates, colleagues, parents and children, we all have one of only 9 different personalities. 7.7 billion people on the planet and there are just 9 personality types. That’s it.  Actually, there are 27 personality types according to the Enneagram, the world’s oldest personality [...]


Powerful Values Activity for Couples (or Individuals)


VALUES ACTIVITY FOR COUPLES A great activity I do with couples when they aren’t in duress but perhaps coming in for a tune-up because stress is throwing them off their game and they aren’t jiving like they know they can is the simple yet powerful “values activity”. I have a list of 50 small [...]

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The Dating Rap…


Dating is Broken Dating is brokenAnd I ain’t jokin’ You need more than a pretty profileTo make me smile What’s in your heart and are you smartMatter way more to me before I even start Can you speak the truthCan you own the wrongs of your youth Sex is easy, babyIf that’s enough for you [...]

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Dating Might Be Broken, But You’re Not: 3 Ways to Find More Peace with the Dating Process


“Dating is hard.” “Online dating is inauthentic.” “Men aren’t even trying. They are lazy jerks.” “Women are playing games. Bitches be trippin’!”   In the past, before online dating, a single, professional man or woman would be lucky to meet one potential suitor a month. And that would be considered a good month!   But [...]

Dating Might Be Broken, But You’re Not: 3 Ways to Find More Peace with the Dating Process2019-04-03T21:35:45+00:00

Male Initiation: Rites of Passage and Why Males Need One


A letter to my almost 16-year-old son for him to open as he goes on a 9-day adventure with Outward Bound in the Pisgah National Forest in the Linville Gorge area of the Blue Ridge Mountains. First, he did NOT want to go. He wanted to attend a basketball camp or perhaps, on the off [...]

Male Initiation: Rites of Passage and Why Males Need One2020-05-05T23:26:19+00:00

Praise: Sammi Harrison


Cindy Austin's message is relevant and delivered in a powerful and engaging manner! I love that Cindy was a teacher, school counselor and is a mom of two teens today. Cindy is insightful, practical and solution oriented in her work. She shares stories and examples from her own life and of the folks she has worked [...]

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Back Home Again


Dear Mom,   Here is a snapshot of just some of the memorable moments and events I appreciate so much sharing with you throughout our time as mother and daughter this Mother’s Day 2018.   I know I share many of these with my 6 siblings. And as I ripen as a mother, too, with [...]

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Addiction and Codependency


Pia Mellody joins the company of those who have created highly effective therapeutic models and who can put their theories into practice with unusual skill. Pia’s approach is phenomenological, resulting from her own painful struggle with codependency, as well as from thousands of hours spent interviewing and working out healing strategies with patients at The Meadows. Pia began her [...]

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