ETT is a modality of psychotherapy that uses several techniques based on color and light frequency. It was founded by Dr. Steven Vazquez. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Certified Medical Psychotherapist ( He is a leading edge therapist who has developed innovative methods using rhythmic light and color stimulation as well as a synthesis of bioenergy and psychotherapy. Some of his work is featured in the book Light Years Ahead and the Time-Life book Repair and Renewal.
The following is a list of the components of Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT):

  1. PSYCHOTHERAPY – substantial research exists both about specific forms of psychotherapy and counseling, in general, that clearly shows its effectiveness, superiority to psychopharmacology and outcomes over time.
  2. LIGHT THERAPY – There are over 1,000 research articles published on the general subject of S.A.D. and much of it focuses on the effectiveness of light therapy and the mechanisms by which it works (serotonin activation, circadian rhythms). The relevant research to ETT is that it is now scientifically established that light therapy is effective for a variety of non-seasonal psychological conditions. The light therapy studied combines various wavelengths (color) for its effect. Therefore, it is established that it affects mood change.
  3. EYE MOVEMENT –  a form of eye movement that is conducted in conjunction with light stimulation. As you may already know, research has been done on EMDR and various types of eye movement that result in emotional change. While this is a significant part of the approach, these techniques are simply components of an overall approach. Focus is much more on peripheral eye stimulation, the basics of which came from Dr. Schiffer’s ideas.
  4. BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT/DISENTRAINMENT – There is substantial research documenting how rhythmic light stimulation elicits specific brainwave patterns. Through this means, this approach allows us to elicit brainwaves optimal for specific counseling purposes. ETT is often seen as an advancement from EEG biofeedback (sometimes known as Neurotherapy).

How does it work?

Most people seek therapeutic help because they feel stuck in unpleasant, unwanted moods. New discoveries about how light stimulation affects moods have made possible powerful ways to transform emotional states. In the treatment of winter depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), research has shown that certain types of light literally changes unpleasant moods. It has now been discovered that the use of certain specific wavelengths of light emitted into the subject’s eyes during counseling can bring forth dormant emotions as well as transform moods. The only precaution to consider is if you have a history of seizures that are brought about by flickering light into the eyes. Please inform the therapist of any history with seizures, as light is involved.

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Therapy at the speed of light!

ETT often dramatically speeds up access to new insights through brain stimulation that exceeds typical talk therapy. ETT can transform emotional pain and somatic pain through the use of light, color and eye movement.

Trauma reinforces neural-nets and ETT disrupts those neural-nets and creates off ramps for the highways of our brains. This can provide a rapid change of emotional states even more consistently than talk therapy alone. However, the benefits of support, confrontation, and understanding of interactive talk therapy can still be obtained because they are included in the process.

ETT can be seen as a form of Neurotherapy (EEG biofeedback) in which integration and enhancement of neurological brain activity can bipass intellect and target specific parts of the brain for optimal outcomes.

ETT utilizes a dramatically expanded array of eye movement procedures that extend way beyond the EMDR technique and provides a broader range of applications when combined with precise light stimulation. It works with everything from trauma, physical pain, depression, learning disabilities and more!