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Addiction and Codependency


Pia Mellody joins the company of those who have created highly effective therapeutic models and who can put their theories into practice with unusual skill. Pia’s approach is phenomenological, resulting from her own painful struggle with codependency, as well as from thousands of hours spent interviewing and working out healing strategies with patients at The Meadows. Pia began her [...]

Addiction and Codependency2018-04-30T21:13:26+00:00

New Ways for Families


New Ways for Families® is a structured parenting skills method intended to reduce the impact of conflict on the children in potentially high-conflict divorce and separation cases. It can be used whenever a parent or the court believes one parent needs restricted parenting time (supervised, no contact, limited time), at the start of a [...]

New Ways for Families2018-04-30T21:10:31+00:00

I Miss the Days


The Ugly Truth About Middle School Today I miss the days when everything I said didn’t have to be classified as sexual or inappropriate. I miss the days when I could say, “That was hard!” and not have some ignorant kid yell, “That’s what she said!” I miss the days when someone said, “I’m coming!” [...]

I Miss the Days2018-08-20T03:03:05+00:00

Hit it and Quit it!


Dating in the world of hookups “Hit it and Quit it!” It’s one of the dating cries of Generation Z-- (also known as iGeneration or iGen and Post-Millennials) the people born between 2000 and present. Having gotten this far into this newsletter means you have put forth much more effort into reading this than many [...]

Hit it and Quit it!2018-04-09T19:23:48+00:00

Holding Court: We Need More Men Like Coach Nichols!


Holding Court: We Need More Men Like Coach Nichols! Tonight I went to my son’s spring basketball banquet. It was mostly what you’d expect from a high school event like this. Perfunctory speeches from coaches who are mostly reluctant public speakers, awkward teen-age boys wearing the same ties they’ve worn to each game day carefully [...]

Holding Court: We Need More Men Like Coach Nichols!2018-08-20T03:03:14+00:00

Are You Analyzing Me?


I’ve been asked this many times as I’ve been dating. It’s an understandable question once people know that I am a psychotherapist. That is in essence what I do for a living. I analyze people.  I’ve learned to respond with “Yes! And I hope you’re doing the same thing too!” But they’re not. What I’ve [...]

Are You Analyzing Me?2018-08-20T03:03:36+00:00

Bully-Proofing your Child


Bully-Proofing your Child Bully-proofing your child has nothing to do with the bullies. Nothing. No-thing. It’s all about YOUR child. It’s about raising a resilient child. How does one do that in a society riddled with political correctness? In this climate of your words hurt my feelings. “That’s rude.” “You’re mean.” “How ignorant.” “So [...]

Bully-Proofing your Child2018-08-20T03:03:47+00:00

Breaking Bad to Breaking Normal


Breaking Bad to Breaking Normal Helping parents effectively cope with the dangers our kids face today Topics: Normalizing the truth about parenting today The use of Drugs, Alcohol, Pills and Sexual Misconduct are oftentimes symptoms of a larger issue The difference between Real Love and Imitation Love The Five Getting and Protecting Behaviors [...]

Breaking Bad to Breaking Normal2017-02-23T04:34:14+00:00

Minimizing, Mitigating and Marginalizing Ourselves with Every Day Speech!


Minimizing, Mitigating and Marginalizing Ourselves with Every Day Speech! "Kinda", "sorta", "maybe", "I guess" and "I don't know" are just some of the phrases that punctuate the stories I hear each week in my practice. It grabbed my attention one day recently, when I heard a young woman answer my simple question, "How are you [...]

Minimizing, Mitigating and Marginalizing Ourselves with Every Day Speech!2017-02-23T04:34:23+00:00
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