Fed Up

“Fed Up” the movie http://fedupmovie.com/#/page/home is a game changer. Or at least a pantry changer and for sure a life style changer. Patrick and I saw it this weekend (it’s in theaters now) and we had these thoughts in this order: “How interesting!” then “What in the world!”, “Now, we’re pissed off!”, “Greed is ruining our health!” and then finally “Sign us up for the challenge. We CAN change.”

And we can! It’s just about choice. And I choose to do the challenge that the the movie’s website it suggesting we all do. They are suggesting 10 days without sugar, but I’m going to do 5 . . . she admits a bit sheepishly. Monday through Friday, starting June 9th. I believe in balance in life, so after 5 days, if I don’t feel all whacked out and obsessed around food everywhere all day, I might do the next 5. But I thought I would start out a bit slower.  Set myself up for success. I want to observe this phenomena I just learned about and lean into it a bit.

And I’m using this present week to warm up to the idea. Wrap my mind around no sugar in my coffee (none–not even blue agave for 5 days!!!). I’m going to do no carbs either for those 5 days, because according to the movie, a bowl of pasta or rice is equivalent to eating a bowl of ice cream once it moves past your stomach. Our body stores it as FAT! Same with bread and cereal. Amazing! How did I get to be almost 47 years old and not know that sugar is every where!?!? I could not find one cereal in the store today that did not have sugar listed as an ingredient in the first 1-3 ingredients. And I was in the muesli area! I’m still hoping that Grape Nuts might prove to be sugar free, but they didn’t carry it at Central Market. On the bell curve of healthy eating, I’m probably in the top 10-15% already (THANKS, MOM!),  so to be blown away by the information in this movie was a huge surprise. All of it wasn’t completely new, but the rampant use of sugar– defined using 57 different titles (see image in this post) hidden in the ingredients listed on food packages–was a revelation indeed!

Do yourself a favor and your friends and family a favor and go see this movie. Become educated.  So you, too, can make a choice about what goes in your body, and if you have children, it’s in your job description to know this stuff  FOR them. They are counting on you. You will want to immediately throw all juice boxes away. Even the 100% juice ones. Trust me.

We all do the best we can with what we know. And then when we know better, we can do better.

If you decide to take the 5 day challenge with me starting June 9th, send me an email so we can support each other as we detox!


Here’s to juicy living . . . but only if it comes with fiber, of course! (There is such a huge metaphor for life just waiting right there!:-)