The Ugly Truth About Middle School Today

I miss the days when everything I said didn’t have to be classified as sexual or inappropriate.

I miss the days when I could say, “That was hard!” and not have some ignorant
kid yell, “That’s what she said!”

I miss the days when someone said, “I’m coming!” and it wouldn’t have anything
to do with sex.

I miss the days when anything we saw as inappropriate was actually inappropriate and not something innocent that a dirty-minded kid twists into something tawdry.

And if you have to swear or be inappropriate to make people chuckle, you were
never funny in the first place.

I miss the days when two people of opposite gender could be friends and it not
be considered dating.

I miss the days when kids who are only in 6th grade didn’t talk about dating. Instead, they talked about cool cars, fun movies, or a new app.

I miss the days when our bodies and sex were something holy and sacred and
not something we put on display.

I miss the days when holding hands was something dangerous, not making out
behind the lockers.

I miss the days when good songs, cool pens, and awesome TV shows were what
kids wanted to talk about. Now it seems like it has to be about drugs, dating, or

Be a kid while you’re a kid, save the adult stuff for later.

By Brooke Austin ~13 years old