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Are You Analyzing Me?

I’ve been asked this many times as I’ve been dating. It’s an understandable question once people know that I am a psychotherapist. That is in essence what I do for a living. I analyze people.  I’ve learned to respond with “Yes! And I hope you’re [...]

Bully-Proofing your Child

Bully-Proofing your Child Bully-proofing your child has nothing to do with the bullies. Nothing. No-thing. It’s all about YOUR child. It’s about raising a resilient child. How does one do that in a society riddled with political correctness? In this climate of your words [...]

Fed Up

  Fed Up "Fed Up" the movie http://fedupmovie.com/#/page/home is a game changer. Or at least a pantry changer and for sure a life style changer. Patrick and I saw it this weekend (it's in theaters now) and we had these thoughts in this order: "How interesting!" then [...]

Bleeding to Death

Bleeding to Death We’ve all known people who endlessly complain that we haven’t done enough for them. It doesn’t matter to them if we’re doing our best. They still want more, and then we feel guilty for not satisfying their needs or demands. Why would we [...]

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